Friday, February 13, 2015

NHL 15 Dream Tweaks

EA Sports' NHL 15 is a great game, but that doesn't mean it couldn't stand a few tweaks here and there.  Here are a few little things I really wish they would address in a future patch:

  1. After you go offside entering the offensive zone and the whistle blows, if you should happen to shoot the puck on net, the opposing team will take exception and generally a fight ensues.  Which is great, but unfortunately this also occurs if you happen to shoot the puck into the corner or especially against the side boards deliberately - as I often do to feign my "frustration" with my teammates - the opposing team still comes after you.  It's one thing if you shoot the puck toward an opposing player, but just straight into the boards shouldn't garner any reaction from the other team!  This was also a problem in at least NHL 14 if not even earlier, so it's been an annoying little flaw for awhile now.
  2. As far as we can tell, it really seems as though they have programmed the logic in NHL 15 (and probably previous versions) to increase the chances of any random shot going in on power plays versus normal even strength situations.    The advantage on a power play should be just that - the extra man thanks to the power play.  I don't think there should be any increase in chances of shots going in otherwise.  I tend to have a great power play by the end of a season than I probably should in all honesty, and I have a sub-par penalty kill even though I feel like I generally have good positioning and play well.  Sure, shots go in sometimes that shouldn't, it just feels like it's way more often on power plays.
  3. Another little thing I've noticed, is a minor annoyance can occur after plays when I'm hitting buttons to change my lines or strategy or both, if you hit Triangle on PlayStation it thinks you're trying to instigate a fight because that's the same button.  No, Tyler Seguin is not trying to instigate a fight, you silly, silly game.
  4. Another instance that ties in with number 3, and actually an even greater annoyance, is when you change lines on the fly, using Square and Circle.  The problem is, when you do that, it pulls up a little menu where you can then adjust the line's strategy as well, using - of all things - R1.  Outside of the menu, R1 is used to poke check.  I don't know about everyone else, but poke checking is a pretty vital part of my defensive play.  And still every time, I change my lines and go to defend or attack a guy with the puck, and cannot understand why R1 is not doing what I want it to do.  It's usually too late by the time I realize it's simply cycling through my strategies, and even when I do realize it quickly, there's nothing you can do but wait a few seconds for the menu to disappear.  That's really poor button-assigning, and can be unbelievably frustrating.
  5. As I mentioned in my other post about NHL 15, there are some issues with settings.  I don't know for a fact if this occurs in any game mode, but in Be A GM it does for sure - some settings don't save from the pregame menu into the game itself.  I already annoyingly have to change my line's strategies before each game, and then some things don't even register or save into the game.  The biggest thing I've noticed is my power play preference.  I tend to go with a shooting power play, but my default is one of the other options.  Every time I've changed it however, as soon as I get my first power play of the game I see that it's back to the default choice.  Silly error that ideally would have been ironed out by now.
I'm sure I could add more points to this post, but I've already put off posting this for a long time (forgot I started it, if I'm honest) so I'm going to go ahead and publish and add more later as I come across them. If you do not already have NHL 15, I would suggest getting it - you can here from  Again, this is a post pointing out flaws, but no game is perfect and this game does show how amazing next gen gaming is.  At the time of this writing, the price has dropped to under $30 as well, definitely worth that in my opinion!